Hello from America

Dear Mr. Putin, I’m not sure how often you get a letter from someone from the United States, but I’m guessing it’s not often. Who knows? Perhaps you are more popular here than I can see and you are swarmed with letters from various Americans.


I’m a various American. I’m nobody in particular, middle-aged, male. I’ve been watching you from across the world. I know little about Russia, but I’m learning more each day.

Patriarch Kirill, Vladimir Putin

Most of my friends and family know perhaps less, with exceptions. I have a cousin who took some interest in his Russian heritage a while back. At the time it puzzled me. What could be of interest in that dreary, cold, failed culture? To visit Russia seemed like an uncomfortable visit to an older relatives’ attic, where one can rummage around the relics and cobwebs. space_explore_you

After you came into power, I did notice a few things. I noticed that you were smart, and that you have leveraged the vast resources of your country in a way that seemed to benefit your country. I hear that you’ve lined your pockets handsomely along the way. But let’s be clear; as much as they like to tell us, no one has killed the King. Thrones still exist. Kings serve their people and their God, or they don’t (there were only two good kings in the Bible). It seems to me you are a wealthy and powerful king, to call it plainly. And as Bob Dylan, who later in life became a Christian, writes,

You gotta serve somebody… it may be the Devil, it may be the Lord, but you gonna have to serve somebody.

Looks like some people that audience were uncomfortable with that rebuking, doesn’t it dear Mr. Putin? Remarkable! I want you to know that America is full of such surprises. Now, it seems as if our two countries are currently at odds. It also seems to me as if every single individual in a position of power in my country is an out-of-control psychopath, whether they be in the public or private sector, or most likely both, because those distinctions are mostly propaganda at this point.

When I was a boy, we would hear stories about how the poor Russians didn’t even know that their newspapers were pure state propaganda. We would hear about the horrible State, it’s secret service, it’s spying, it’s distrust of its people. Russia! Then I grew up, and slowly I realized that I was the stupid Russian.


Here, in this insane land full of insane and violent Godless people, we dream of our old home and feel nostalgia for something that you and your country seem to cherish.

I have watched television — that harmless form of entertainment that seems to be America’s most successful export — since I can remember, and lots of it. Have you ever watched our television?Turn it on today, and you will find that American men are fat and stupid girls,


or docile imbeciles who are just grown children watched over by domineering wives

(God, save me from American women!), or are heroic gay role models.

Yes, being a homosexual is now the highest badge of cultural honor here. You cannot trump the homosexual and his or her demands.

Our nationally televised award shows celebrate this kind of moral degeneracy.

Our wealthiest artists celebrate the same kind of perversions, which can only objectively be called Satanic.

In the mornings, Good Morning America and Burger King encourage the pre-teen children of New York’s Central Park to sing along with this demonic Barbie doll come to life to such lyrics as

When he gimme that look the panties comin’ off

I have watched the television, and now the Internet, wean an entire generation of children into young adults of the most astounding arrogance, ignorance, and barbarity our poor country has ever seen.

We are a culture that at all turns mocks God.

In our ignorance, Americans turn to paid clowns for opinions to claim as their own.

What can I say? We don’t all feel this way. In fact, I’m quite sick about it. Many of us are desperately sick from all of this and we have no idea that we’re even sick to begin with. In fact, it’s safe to say we are an entirely sick culture from head to toe. We’re sick, but not yet dying. And to speak with sincerity and great humility, some of us look to Russia and see hope.

Yes, we see a lot of corruption, and a lot of festering problems too.

I noticed something else many years after you came to power. You were standing in front of this one time, and my eyes grew wide.



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